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  1. Customer requests for a new inspection order including date, place, inspection content, special requirement (if any)... and send the request to VietEyes Inpection using our template (Word document, 70kb)

  2. Our expertise studies the request form, clarify unclear points and propose other relevant test criteria to customer

  3. VietEyes Inpection contact factory's person and create inspection agreement document to get approval from both parties

  4. Customer approves the inspection procedure and transfers money to VietEyes Inspection account within 02 days before the date of inspection

  5. At the date of inspection, VietEyes Inpection's inspector goes to the factory, follow approved check-list to check for product's defects and taking corresponding pictures

  6. When inspection finishes, inspector summaries the result into a PDF report and send to the customer along with all pictures immediately (usually within the same business day of the inspection)


  1. It is recommended that customer should send us a sample of the good for our reference during factory inspection

  2. If customer wants to cancel or delay a scheduled inspection, it must be done latest 24 hours before actual inspection day

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