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Our services

To make your business safer we offer the following services:

Supplier survey

Before opening a new trade with Vietnamese supplier, foreign customer usually encounter difficulties in finding the suitable supplier. We provide a basic survey of the supplier capabilities that will provide you more information to evaluate the supplier. By ordering this service you can:

1.      Save your time and money (by staying in your own office and evaluate oversea supplier's report)

2.      Reduce risk when open business in Vietnam (you can survey many suppliers before choosing the right one)

3.      Avoid misunderstanding in language and metrology (Vietnam has an unique business manner that maybe unfamiliar to foreigner, we'll bridge the gap)

Product inspection

IPC: Initial Production Check
Before the production starts, we will check the quality of raw materials and make sure that the appropriate production techniques will be used. This will highlight any non-conformity before production and the steps necessary to correct it.

DUPRO: During Production Check
When around 25% of the production has been performed, we will examine the existing products to ensure that the quality fulfils requirements. We will also make sure that possible correction and improvements suggested during the IPC have been implemented.

PRC: Pre-Shipment Check
Several days before shipment, when the order is almost finished, we will perform final inspection, examining the products to ensure that the quality fulfils requirements. This inspection is very important, especially with order that has large quantity.

Loading/Unloading supervision
If your goods require special care, we can make sure that the cartons are handled adequately when installed in a container. Our inspectors will go loading place to check the shipment. The supervision includes procedures such as: container check, products' information, quantity, packaging, loading, etc. In general, our inspector would supervise the entire loading process and help manufacturers finish loading under correct and clear working clauses and working processes. 

For all of these services, we provide a detailed report including photos within the same business day after inspection.

Factory audit

This service allows you to accurately assess the capabilities of a manufacturer before placing an order to ensure that you will choose the right supplier.

The following are examples of some of the aspect that may be evaluated in the audit:

- Number of employees / workers in the production process
- Skills of workers
- Different machines available (sewing, cutting ...)
- Structure of the factory as well as identification of the owner of the factory
- Social accountability standards assessment such as child labour, working hours, disciplinary practices

This list is not exhaustive; customer decides what features will be assessed among these main categories:

- Company organization
- Factory facilities
- Quality control systems
- Communication, documentation control
- Cleanliness
- Working conditions

On the basis of our report, you can decide whether the factory is suitable for your products and business or not.

Sourcing agent

Our company also acts as the sourcing agent for oversea clients. We devote ourselves to become the one-stop service provider to our clients to make sure their trade with Vietnamese firms is as easy as they can imagine. We have numerous contacts with factories/suppliers to ensure quick and reliable reply to your demands.

Customized service

If your request does not fit all the above services we can provide a customized service to serve you.

Report archiving

All reports sent to customer are also archived in our database for at least 06 months. You can request for the report to be sent again during that period with no charge.
























































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